Photography Based FaQs

Over the years, we have developed our signature style which can be considered to be a mix of Candid, Contemporary, Fine Art and Photojournalistic Wedding photography. Depending on the situation and mood, we think about how to best use our artistic vision to tell your story. To create an all-inclusive view of the wedding festivities, we shoot candid images as well as some gorgeous posed portraits of the couple and their immediate family.

We suggest that you hire one team to cover both families. You are going to be a single family, after all. 🙂 If there are events happening at different locations, we can also split the team accordingly. Having multiple teams might get a bit crowded and add to the chaos instead of helping.

We focus on artistic photography, so traditional group/family pictures of all the guests are largely out of scope for us.  However, we don’t mind shooting a couple of pictures of the immediate family. Due to logistical constraints, we would not be covering all the guests.  Hence, we tend to focus on a select few who are actively involved in the wedding and take their candid shots. We do this to ensure that our time is used effectively and that we take creative shots rather than repetitive ones. If you want photographs and video of groups on the stage, we can recommend traditional photographers and videographers.

Yes, we can. We love to cover the event in its entirety because it helps us in telling your story in the best way possible, but you may decide on how long you want us there depending on your budget. Drop us a line through the Contact Me page, and let’s see what we can do!

Most definitely! More than anything else, this will ensure that you get the images that you want. Photography, apart from being an essential part of a wedding celebration, is an art. To create art, time is the essence and things cannot be rushed. To get the most gorgeous bridal and couple portraits, the more time you can give us, the better they’ll be.

You can expect your final images and the wedding film in about 8-10 weeks. Though there might be slight delays during peak seasons. Conversely, sometimes we deliver early. On request, we can deliver a sneak peek of the images within a few weeks. To ensure the quality of the deliverables is top-notch, we put in a great amount of effort and quality costs time. The album is designed once the client chooses the images for the album from the full set of delivered processed images. The design process takes about a week. We, then, share the photo book layouts with the client, who is allowed up to two rounds of revision. Once the design is approved, the printing, binding, and shipping process takes at least further two weeks.

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