Price Based FaQs

Our charges start from INR 1,25,000 for a day (8hrs of on location work per day) of Wedding Photography and 1,00,000 INR onwards for Wedding Cinematography. Our charges for Pre-Wedding Shoots starts from 30,000 INR. The fees are dependent on the type and duration of the shoot. Drop us a message through our Book Now page letting us know the location, the type and duration of the event(s) and we can send you options of the Packages you can choose from!

We require that you put a 50% initial deposit to secure the date and the rest is to be paid on the day of the shoot/event. Post-processing of the images and video will begin only after the final payment is completed.

We reserve the right to withhold all the deliverables until the payment has been done in full.

If our prices are out of your budget, we can figure out a smaller package that will work for you and us; negotiating is not something we do because we believe that skill and hard work needs to be valued. We request you to understand that because we do not compromise on the amount of effort we put in, we are in no position to compromise on the payment.

We only charge for the number of hours we shoot. Typically, shooting for 8 hours is considered to be a full-day shoot. Clients are given the option of splitting the packages, to a certain extent, across multiple days. For example, a client can split a three-day package (a 24 hour shoot period) across four days. Please be sure to check with us as this may not be possible during peak wedding seasons. Additionally, it’s quite typical of an Indian wedding to exceed the time limits. So, you’ll definitely want us there from the beginning to the end!

If we shoot for more than the allotted number of hours in the package purchased, the charges for the extra hours will be added to the final bill. When we are shooting the events in a flow, we may not be keeping track of the hours we have shot already. (We usually calculate this according to the date/time stamp, once we download the photographs into the system) Hence, we would not be able to inform you in the middle of the events when we have crossed the number of hours discussed. We request you to consider some buffer hours when you choose our packages so that our work is not rushed and we are able to cover the event in full.

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